My fundamental feeling about your performance is that it far exceeds my expectations. I did not know how GREAT a facilitator you are. I think you've done a wonderful job of keeping each team focused, on task, and substantive while building their enthusiasm. I used to work in a field office, I used to facilitate a bit less than two days and that felt like a long, demanding time. You've routinely done it and done it very well for three days. That, speaking from my own experience, is really saying something!

~ Director Quality and Productivity, HUD

Facilitation, Mentoring & Coaching

Lean Leadership

Designed to develop the skill of your Leadership, targeted specifically for senior levels in your organization. Unlike other Leadership development sessions, this session will focus on the new skills required to initiate, manage and lead the organizational change required for transformations. The need for this material initiated from the question “What should the Leadership role entail?” The Developing Lean Leader course is a customized systematic approach to improve the capability of your Leadership through Leading people, improving processes and building a culture of continuous improvement during a Lean Transformation.

Strategy Deployment

The outcome is a clear linkage of the enterprise objectives with each organization’s action plan necessary to achieve “breakthrough” objectives. Strategy Deployment is a management tool that has every employee linked and aligned to the top-level team’s focus, with a few meaningful monthly stretch targets that are actionable. It is used across the entire organization to manage performance. Supporting the plan are key metrics and minimal reports established to monitor progress on a monthly basis. Monthly face-to face meetings to review progress and discuss countermeasures are part of the process that drives results.

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream mapping is used to analyze a business process and to prescribe a plan, with timeline and assignments, for transforming the process and achieving breakthrough results. The VSA approach ensures that the enterprise is working on the high leverage activities; that everyone understands the effort required and accepts accountability; that the VSA team is challenged to look at the steps in their value streams with a more critical eye by identifying “value added and non-value added activities”. Deliverables include 6 critical pieces – (1)team charter, (2)a current state map, (3)current state observations, (4)ideal and/or future state value stream maps, (5)baseline data with key performance improvement indicators, and a (6)detailed plan of Kaizen or Improvement Events , business process improvement projects and “just do it’s.”

Standard Work / TWI Training within Industries

A proven systematic management system to orient, develop & retain capable people who are willing and able to contribute to the organizations mission, vision, values, goals and objectives.  Using the powerful work breakdown structures, teams develop standard work to repeatably, predictably and consistently produce pure value and perfect quality products and services.

Problem Solving / A-3 Thinking

A powerful approach to bringing out the best in your people utilizing A3 thinking, practical problem solving tools and techniques. In this workshop, participants will develop an understanding of truly defining problems, driving down to possible root causes, developing resolutions, implementing change, monitoring and tracking results to ensure problems do no reoccur.

3 P Product / Process / People Lean Design