...Maria Elena Stopher...has galvanized the staff here...to create a robust and well targeted Business Process...This could not have occurred without her tireless, inclusive and intrepid leadership...Her engineering background, business savvy, interpersonal skills and strong sense of purpose all help to keep us moving in the right direction...Between this and her other projects, her contribution to HUD’s future is profound and incalculable.

~ Director, Single Family Housing; US Housing and Urban Development

About Us

Our Approach

We work with people within organizations who are empowered with the authority necessary to make decisions and drive change.  We work to uncover the impediments normally hidden by traditional hierarchical business models. We work with every member of your team to refocus your business on the customer, adding value and eliminating unnecessary waste. Working with the people who do the work daily, brings out owner driven and owner managed processes that dramatically improve morale. By taking a global rather than local view, we can optimize your business processes, creating sustainable change.

We start by understanding - together - the purpose and process of your organization:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the organizations pain and purpose
  • Identify Value Streams
  • Map Value Streams
  • Identify and implement immediate, medium term and long term improvements via Rapid Improvement events / Kaizen events / PDCA using lean and six sigma process tools
  • Create culture of sustainable continuous improvement


Our Promise

We guarantee improved service to the customer, at lower costs, and improved morale.


Our Results

Typical overall performance improvements:

  • Lead Time reductions of 50-90%
  • Rework / Defect reductions of 50% per year, with zero defects performance possible
  • New product development speed to launch reductions of 75%
  • Capitalization cost reductions of 50%
  • On-time delivery improvements of 99+%
  • Customer Satisfaction levels significantly improved
  • Employee morale results significantly improved