The excitement generated from the session is still going strong. We are looking forward to each step of the process. Your company was outstanding in the presentation and facilitating of the meeting. It was truly a wonderful experience for me.

~ Project Manager / Mortgage Credit, US Department of Housing and Urban Development


What Is Lean?

Lean Thinking brings together several strands of process improvement.  It begins by defining the purpose and process (value to the customer, as defined BY the customer), then redesigns the process to deliver this value with minimum wasted time, effort and cost.  Implementing a lean philosophy organizes and manages this value delivery system.

The Lean philosophy originated with the Toyota production system, but has been successfully applied in many environments, including government and healthcare, with staggering improvements in quality and efficiency.  The underpinning values of removing activities that do not add value and of respect for people lie at the heart of lean.  They can be applied anywhere; government, hospitals, construction (it is no longer just for manufacturing!)

Ultimate Lean, Inc. is singularly focused on assisting organizations to understand and implement this philosophy and to achieve successful results.

Our Mission

Ultimate Lean is committed to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of government and industry to become more globally competitive through the implementation of lean philosophy and techniques.

Our aim is to partner with organizations who are committed to long-term continuous improvement through knowledge development, investment in people, and management by fact.